Top chinese anime, best donghua to watch
Donghua Name
1 Battle Through the Heavens Season 5 anime
2 Soul land season 2 anime
3 Perfect World anime
4 Throne Of Seal anime
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Swallowed Star Season 3

Swallowed Star Season 3 Episode 1 Subtitles

TV Sub Sub Released on August 10, 2023 · 1398 Views · Posted by kungfutv · series Swallowed Star Season 3
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Swallowed Star Season 3 Episode 2 Release Date

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Swallowed Star Season 3

Swallowed Star Season 3

吞噬星空 第3季
Rating 9.3
Status: Ongoing Network: Season: Country: Type: TV Fansub: Hentai Sub Offical
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Story of Swallowed Star Season 3

Di Bumi, sebuah bencana memicu perubahan pada berbagai spesies. Yang kuat selamat dan yang lemah punah. Di tengah situasi itu, Luo Feng mewarisi kekuatan pemilik bintang Yunmo dan menjadi satu dari tiga orang yang paling perkasa di Bumi. Dalam sebuah duel dengan monster pelahap, ia kehilangan dagingnya. Namun ia kemudian berhasil mengambil daging sang monster. Dari situ ia mengembangkan tubuhnya jadi laksana manusia. Kemudian, Bumi bukan lagi sasarannya. Ia melanglang buana ke alam semesta. Eng On Earth, a catastrophe triggers changes in various species. The strong survived and the weak became extinct. In the midst of that situation, Luo Feng inherited the power of the owner of the Yunmo star and became one of the three most powerful people on Earth. In a duel with a devouring monster, he loses his flesh. But he then managed to take the monster’s flesh. From there he developed his body into a human being. Then, Earth is no longer his target. He traveled the universe. Swallowed Star Season 3 Subtitle indonesia, english, portuguese, turkish, spanish, italian, polish, arabic, thai, german

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You can find more information about Swallowed Star Season 3 fandom on,Swallowed Star Season 3 manga on,Swallowed Star Season 3 character on The Anime industry is huge and is very well known for its vast, crazy, die-hard fan base all over the world. The industry is booming, and they have given their fans a varied set of anime series and films with an ocean of genres with amazing and addictive stories. Though the world of anime was created in Japan, many countries like the USA, China, and France have also joined in and are producing anime that fans are going crazy over. No wonder watching an anime can turn a gloomy day into super fun. If you are an anime fan, then have you watched the Chinese Anime series Swallowed Star? It is an Animation with a very well PowerPact animated fight. Unlike the Donghua released nowadays, this Sci-Fi and Adventure anime series successfully captivated the interest of its viewers. The series showcases the post-apocalyptic world full of highly skilled and intelligent monsters and wherein the main protagonist, Luo Feng, becomes a super warrior with special powers by overcoming challenges. This is a very much-loved anime series with a huge fanbase and comes under one of the most-watched Donghua in China with over 170 million play volumes. If you like this Sci-Fi anime series, here is a handpicked list of 12 Anime Like Swallowed Star, which you would surely love, making your day and making you want to recommend it to others.

Top 12 Anime Like Swallowed Star

1. Forty Millenniums of Cultivation

First on the list is 2022 released Chinese anime series Forty Millenniums of Cultivation which is an Action, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy and is an adaptation of an actual novel by Wo Niu named “Forty Thousand Years of Cultivation.”

This anime is very popular and interesting to watch, wherein a genius craftsman named Li Yao becomes unsuccessful in breaking the joint entrance examination with his psychic powers and fails on his 1st attempt.

2. Throne of Seal

‘Throne of Seal‘ is a Chinese anime series also known as ‘Shen Yin Wangzuo,’ which got released in the year 2022 and came under one of the high-rated series having a huge viewership. It is adapted from a 2011 Web novel written by Tang Jia San Shao.

The story of the anime Throne of Seals shows its viewers 6000 years back, wherein 72 demon gods created 72 demons on the day of the Catastrophe called ‘The Descending,’ which pose a threat to humanity and mankind.

To protect it, humans fought with them with all they had but were about to get defeated just before the demons retreated on their own, and mankind got saved. But not for too long!

10-year leap, and the series show the present time wherein kids are preparing themselves and training to join the knight temple hall. Long Hao Chen, a nine-year kid who is also the main protagonist of the show, is training to be a part of the same and gets successful. Everyone later knows through a ritual that Long Hao Chen is actually a son of light and their only hope who can fight the demons. The story is super interesting, and you can watch the anime series Throne of Seal on YouTube, which is available in many languages, making it convenient for fans all over.

3. Douluo Dalu- Soul Land

Douluo Dalu, also called Soul Land, is a Chinese anime Tv series which got released in the year 2018 with a beautiful combination of Animation, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, and Romance in one story. It is adapted from a Chinese web novel of the same title written by Tang Jia San Shao.

The story of the series revolves around Tang San, a very prestigious disciple who is incomparable in the use of his secret, hidden weapons. The elders of the sect believed that he would have a great future ahead and had high expectations from him, but of having the sect’s forbidden lore, he chose to forsake his life.

4. Battle Through the Heavens

Season one, Battle Through the Heavens, is a Chinese Anime series which got released in the year 2017 and has further Four more seasons summing up to 5 seasons having amazing Animation, Action, and Adventure, which you would love to watch. It has shorter episodes making it convenient to watch.

The story of this Tv series features a land where the strong prevail and the weak perish, a land which is full of pleasuring eye beauty but also filled with unseen danger. There, a genius boy named Xiao Yan showed and proved his amazing unseen talents that made people shocked.

But a sudden twist and he surprisingly loses all his powers, his reputation, and his promise to his mother and is left with nothing but what added to his shock was the sudden appearance of his fiancé.

5. Stellar Transformation

Stellar Transformation is a Chinese Anime series full of action and adventure with romance, which got released in the year 2018. The Chinese name of the series is Xingchen Bian which has a total of 5 seasons, and with each season, it just gets better, more popular, and likable by fans.

The anime series revolves around Qin Yu, who lives far away in a different galaxy, has no inner abilities to practice internal arts and techniques, and lives away from his grandfather. Qin Yu waits and yearns to get recognized by his father.

He decides to take the difficult path following strict training with Zhao Yunxing’s method to gain expertise in external arts. With years of practice, he grows up and faces a life-turning moment. He finds out a red crystal stone that fuses with his body, and with this, he undergoes a complete transformation giving him astonishing abilities that sets him out. His father finds out about his son’s abilities. A lot of action and exciting journeys await ahead.

6. Perfect World

Perfect World is a Chinese Anime series which got released in the year 2021 and has 120 plus episodes fans are still happy and not bothered by the number because of its amazing action and adventurous story.

The other name of this anime series is Wanmei Shijie which got first released as a web novel that was published in the year 2013 of the same title and had 2015 chapters.

The story of the series revolves around Shi Hao, the main protagonist, who is a born genius and blessed by the heavens. He is born into a world where villages fight with each other to get power and authority.

7. Martial Universe 

Martial Universe, also called by the name Wu Dong Qian Kun, is a Chinese Anime series released in the year 2019 and is also adapted from a Chinese web novel of the same name as the series. The adventure and action genre animation series showcases a boy named Lin Dong who is shown training hard to get revenge on someone who embarrassed his father in front of many people and also his family name.

Many surprising and shocking events happened during the training process, which included him getting a mysterious stone talisman that changed his life and his destiny taking a big turn. This makes it a lot more interesting and questionable how he will avenge his father or if he will be able to do it in the first place. Martial Universe, or Wu Dong Qian Kun, is an amazing power pact action animation series that would be very interesting to watch and would make you want to recommend it to others.

8. Fan Ren Xiu Xian Zhuan: Feng Qi Tian Nan

Fan Ren Xiu Xian Zhuan: Feng Qi Tian Nan is a Chinese Anime series full of action and adventure which got released in the year 2020 and was adapted from a novel by Wang Yu of the same name as the series.

The original title of the series is Fan Ren Xiu Xian Chuan, whose main protagonist is Han Li, who is a commoner, poor and ordinary boy. Upon joining a minor sect in Jiang Hu, he unintentionally becomes an Unofficial discipline.

He gets success in passing over the dangerous and challenging path of cultivation and avoids the ones who may do harm to him, and fights deadly devilish demons and ancient celestials to reach his own way to immortality.

9. Against the Sky Supreme  

Against the Sky, Supreme is yet again an amazing and high-rated Chinese fantasy anime series loaded full of power pact action and drama, which got released in the year 2021.

This animation series also goes by the name Ni Tian Zhizun and is based on Ya Yu Mu’s novel of the same title. Having 180-plus episodes seems too much, but fans still like it, and it has a duration of about 10 minutes, which makes it convenient to watch.

The series showcases that the main universe is divided into two universes, the outer universe ruled by demons and the inner universe ruled by the Realm of Gods. Within the inner realm, a god named Tang Yun, who called the sky supreme, protected their universe from demons. Unlikely, some of his members joined hands with the demons and betrayed Tang Yun, who was for long considered a trash and useless person. He led down the name of the Tang family. The animation series ‘Against the Sky Supreme’ will surely be interesting to watch.

10. Martial Master

Martial Master is the year 2020 released Chinese anime series in the genre of action and adventure. The original title of the series is called as Wushen Zhuzai and is an animated adaptation of An Mo Shis novel of the same title.

Same as the previous one, this series also have too many episodes, which is 384, but it still is extremely liked by fans as the duration being 8 mins per episode makes it super convenient to watch.

The story of the series is about a top genius in the military domain named Qin Chen, who got plotted by evil people to fall into the death canyon in the forbidden land. Qin Chen, who was soon going to be dead, surprisingly triggered the power of the mysterious ancient sword.

11. The Magic Chef of Ice and Fire

The Magic Chef of Ice and Fire is a very popular and highly-rated Chinese anime series which can be called Donghua which got released in the year 2021. With an amazing and unique kind of action portrayal and adventure, the series has been successful in grabbing the attention of the audience.

The main protagonist of this anime series is Nian Bing, who lost both his parents during his childhood. His parents were of opposite parties, his mother was an ice wizard, and his father, a fire mage, and Nian Bing received both his parents’ magic stones.

The killer of his parents was Ice Lord, whom Nian Bing is dedicated to killing and taking revenge for his parents. While Nian Bing could use the powers and elements received from his parents and is cared for by an elderly person who is a chef, also known as the ‘spirit chef.’ The old chef decides to make him his disciple. Where will his journey lead him to? You would definitely enjoy the whole story of the animation series The Magic Chef of Fire.

12. Wu Geng Ji

Wu Geng Ji is a Chinese anime which got released in the year 2016 and has a watch-worthy action and fantasy theme plot which attracted quite a lot of audience interest. The lot story features Zhao Ge, who was ruled by the Shang dynasty and witnessed the arrival of the messenger of the heavens.  Zi Zhou, the current emperor, disagrees with bowing in front of the gods and states his decision not to accept the tyranny of the heavens anymore. This decision of his wasn’t taken kindly by them, and in no time, Wu Jifa, the neighboring land emperor, called a crusade against the Shang dynasty. On the edge of almost losing the capital, Zhou joins the fight, and out of nowhere, a god falls from the sky. The plot has to watch worthy twists and turns, which makes it exciting to watch, and if you liked Swallowed Star, then you would definitely like the anime Wu Geng Ji.
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