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Swallowed Star Season 3 - donghua anime - chinese anime - animexin - mundodonghua - lucifer donghua
Swallowed Star Season 3 - donghua anime - chinese anime - animexin - mundodonghua - lucifer donghua
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Swallowed Star Season 3 at Animexin

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吞噬星空 第3季
Status: Ongoing Network: Studio: Released: Dec 29, 2021 Duration: 20 min/ep Season: Country: Type: TV Fansub: Hotmod.club Hentai Sub Offical Posted by: kungfutv Released on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Swallowed Star Season 3 donghua anime

Swallowed Star Season 3: One fateful day, a mysterious virus known as the RR virus emerged on Earth, bringing with it destruction and chaos. The virus infected animals, causing them to mutate into terrifying monsters that began to invade and wreak havoc on a global scale. As humanity faced imminent destruction, they were forced to build walls and establish base cities in order to protect themselves and survive.

This dark period in human history became known as the Great Nirvana period. It was a time of extreme hardship and suffering, but it also brought about unexpected changes. The harsh living conditions pushed humans to adapt and evolve, resulting in an increase in physical strength and the rise of martial arts. This led to a new class of individuals known as warriors, who possessed exceptional physical abilities and skills.

Among these warriors was 18-year-old Luo Feng, who dreamed of becoming one of them. He was about to take the college entrance examination, a crucial moment in his life where he had to make important decisions for his future. However, fate had other plans for him when a sudden attack by a monster altered the course of his life forever.

Under the constant threat of powerful monsters, the residents of the base city were in constant danger. Despite the efforts of the military, they were unable to fully protect the city. It was then that a lone warrior stepped forward and defended the safety of the base city. Witnessing the strength and bravery of this warrior, Luo Feng was inspired and made a secret vow to become a warrior himself, in order to protect the ones he loves.

And so, the journey of Luo Feng as a warrior began. It was a path filled with challenges and obstacles, but also one that held great promise and potential. His determination and hard work paid off as he continued to push himself and discover his true abilities. With each passing day, Luo Feng’s skills and self-worth grew, earning him recognition among his peers.

However, being a warrior was not just about fighting monsters. Luo Feng also had to face the invisible barriers and challenges posed by his external environment. Coming from a poor family, he had to rely on his own efforts and determination to succeed. Despite the difficulties, he persevered and became a shining example of what one can achieve through hard work and dedication.

Not content with just protecting his loved ones, Luo Feng joined forces with other justice warriors to fight against the vicious monsters and protect the homeland of humanity. Together, they faced the desperate situation of a doomsday world, determined to repel the monsters and secure a better future for mankind.

As the second season of “Swallowed Star” unfolds, we follow Luo Feng and his fellow warriors as they continue to battle against the ever-growing threat of the RR virus. Will they be able to successfully protect the human world and bring an end to this nightmare? Find out in the full online1080p episodes of “Tunshi Xingkong 3nd Season” on kungfutv.net.

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Swallowed Star Season 3


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