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The Magic Chef of Ice and Fire
The Magic Chef of Ice and Fire
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The Magic Chef of Ice and Fire anime, manga, novel, wiki, release date

The Magic Chef of Ice and Fire, bing huo mo chu, binghuo mochu, the magic chef of ice and fire, 冰火魔厨
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Synopsis The Magic Chef of Ice and Fire anime donghua

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About “The Magic Chef of Fire And Ice”.

Nian Bing, a little boy who lost both of his parents, is the main character in the Magic Chef of Fire And Ice manga narrative. His father, a fire magician, and mother, an ice mage, were both members of the opposition. He was able to control fire, ice, and magic to some extent, and he was driven to exact revenge on the Ice Lord for the horrific killing of his parents.

Nian Bing’s destiny, however, had a different vision of how he should spend his boyhood. A skilled cook wanted Nian Bing to be an apprentice after realizing his potential after Nian Bing nearly drowned while being chased. After working as an apprentice for a short while, Nian Bing departed the world after his teacher “DIED.” As a result, the narrative keeps describing Nian Bing’s exploits and voyage.

Adaptation of “The Magic Chef Of Fire And Ice”.

The Chinese anime version of Magic Chef of Fire And Ice, an action-adventure and fantasy tale adapted from a novel written by Tang Jia San Shao, who is best known as the author of Soul Land and one of China’s most well-known and highest-paid online novelists, has been acquired by YOUKU.

Let’s take a look at the Show ” The Magic Chef of Fire and Ice”: The Show Is Ongoing, see what Chinese anime viewers should be aware of, such as its plot, release date, and production team.

A synopsis was provided for “The Magic Chef of Fire And Ice”.

The parents of Nian Bing are an ice magician and a fire mage. Nian Bing was given both of his parents’ magic stones after both of them were slaughtered by the Ice Lord. Nian Bing performed an unimaginable feat for a magician by casting both fire and ice magic at the same time as he tried to flee from the Ice Lord’s followers.

A senior citizen intervened to save him after he fell from a cliff while unconscious. He was fed by the elderly man after he awoke, and it was the cuisine unlike anything he had ever eaten before. It was found out that the elderly man was an exceptional cook who was once referred to as a spirit chef. And despite everything, he insists on having Nian Bing as his pupil. Nian Bing wants to be the best chef, but can he also seek retribution?

Where to Watch “The Magic Chef of Fire And Ice” :

There is no legitimate anime streaming service. On Bilibili, some episodes can be found with alternative subtitles. The Chinese television network Youku is currently airing episodes of this anime. For now, fans can watch here on


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The Magic Chef of Ice and Fire


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