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The Great Ruler - donghua anime - chinese anime - animexin - mundodonghua - lucifer donghua
The Great Ruler - donghua anime - chinese anime - animexin - mundodonghua - lucifer donghua
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The Great Ruler at Animexin

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Other Name: The Great Ruler, 斗破苍穹之大主宰, 斗破苍穹之大主宰 动态漫画 第1季 第1集,xiao yan the great ruler,mu chen the great ruler
Type: TV
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Synopsis The Great Ruler donghua anime

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Story of The Great Ruler

This is a world where spiritual energy is king. Whoever has the spiritual energy to swallow the sky and devour the moon is the master! Thousands of worlds, thousands of ways to fight for the front. The road to domination, who controls the ups and downs? The young Mu Chen, with outstanding qualifications, was born in Muyu, one of the nine major domains of the Northern Spirit Realm. His father is Mu Feng, the lord of the pastoral region, and he is now the leader of the Northern Spirit Alliance. His mother, Qing Yanjing, is the goddess of the ancient Buddha clan. She was forced to leave when she was young to protect her son and husband.

From then on, Mu Chen made an oath that he would definitely find his mother in the future. Mu Chen was selected by the Mirror of Judgment to enter the competitive training due to his talent. During the training, he rescued the troubled girl Luo Li. The two developed ignorant feelings and entered the Beicang Lingyuan together after meeting. As the only person who entered the competition in the Northern Spirit Realm, he was expelled from the competition after being framed as the culprit of the “Blood Disaster on the Spiritual Road” a year later because of other people’s calculations.

The unyielding Mu Chen created a blood connection with Jiuyouque, the eleventh on the list of all beasts, by chance, and obtained divine power. Through hard training, Muchen participated in the college’s audition for Muyu, broke through the supreme realm and won the championship, and was able to enter the Beicang Lingyuan to study. As the competition for the seed quota of the five colleges started, Mu Chen won the championship and became the first student in Beiling to win the seed quota of the five colleges. In order to save his mother, Mu Chen wanted to become stronger. In order to find the “immortal blueprint” that could temper his abilities and improve himself, Mu Chen and Jiuyouque broke into the wonderful world of Daqian and came to the vast field of Daluo. After that, he got the inheritance of the Emperor of Heaven, eradicated the Blood Demons in the Holy Dragon Continent, got the help of the Spirit of the Plane, and broke through to the Supreme Heaven.

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The Great Ruler


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