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Reborn 80,000 Years (The Star Emperor) anime, manga, novel, wiki, release date

重生八万年,Chongsheng Ba Wan Nian,The Star Emperor,Reborn 80,000 Years,Reborn 80,000 Years,Return of Cultivator: Vision of Eighty Millenniums,
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Synopsis Reborn 80,000 Years (The Star Emperor) anime donghua

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Story of Reborn 80,000 Years (The Star Emperor)

The God of Cosmos was framed and persecuted after he failed in the competition over the crown of the lord. No one would expect he could come back to life 80 thousand years later. This time his soul was accidentally bound with Yang Chen, the son of a servant. Unfortunately, Yang Chen, the original body owner, was the worst at cultivation. How could the God of Cosmos start his revenge planned for 80 millenniums? The answer is, of course, cultivation!

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Reborn 80,000 Years (The Star Emperor)


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