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My Heroic Husband (Zhuixu) - donghua anime - chinese anime - animexin - mundodonghua - lucifer donghua
My Heroic Husband (Zhuixu) - donghua anime - chinese anime - animexin - mundodonghua - lucifer donghua
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My Heroic Husband (Zhuixu) at Animexin

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Zhuixu , My Heroic Husband , 赘婿
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Synopsis My Heroic Husband (Zhuixu) donghua anime

Watch online full hd stream My Heroic Husband (Zhuixu), 赘婿 multi subtitles on kungfutv.net for free and enjoy the story of My Heroic Husband (Zhuixu) , 赘婿

The episode of My Heroic Husband is coming soon. My Heroic Husband is a newly released Chinese anime series. It is an action comedy anime series that premiered on April 23, 2023, by Bilibili. We are here to share details related to My Heroic Husband from the release date of the upcoming episode and where to watch it in your region.

My Heroic Husband is an anime adaptation of a novel named ‘My Heroic Husband’ written by Fen Nu De Xiang Jiao and published by Qidian China Literature. The story revolves around Yi Ning. He is a business tycoon who traveled to the Wu Dynasty of a parallel universe. He marries and becomes the son-in-law of the Ning family. He wanted to escape his world, but morals during the Wu dynasty’s rule were not as simple as he assumed.

My Heroic Husband Episode 3: Story

In the capital of Wudu, it is the 7th Year of Emperor Jinghan’s Reign. There is a war coming between Jing and Liang. The military is ready to face each other. Emperor is interested in free markets and the selection of royal suppliers. In another world, Yin Ning, the CEO of Sisu Corporation, is admitted to the hospital. He has quit his post due to his poor health. This news was very shocking for the entire financial market. During his tenure, there was a profit over the years. Yin Ning’s soul teleported to the Wu kingdom.

Yin Ning wakes up in the body of Guye. He is resting in the Su Mansion of Jiangling. Yin Ning starts exploring the place and enjoys it. He witnesses the fight between bandits. Even in this world, he is carrying his smartphone. He recalls the time when he proposed to his girlfriend in the firework. He got busy with his work and couldn’t give time to his wife. She left him. One day, he became unwell and fainted while working. He was terminally ill. He wishes to correct everything with his wife again. Coincidently, he meets her.

My Heroic Husband Episode 3: Recap

The city gates are closed to catch the bandits. No one is allowed to leave the town without proper paperwork. Uncle Puyang invites Yin Ning to the banquet. He is unfamiliar with anyone in the room. His wife introduces him as Li Heng. He greets everyone there. Uncle introduces him to Gu Yanzhen, the genius of Gangneung.

Gu Yanzhen is arrogant and mistreats Ning as nothing more than a scholar. His wife supports him and proves that his very capable and talented. They discuss the selection of the next emperor. The emperor’s credentials rotate once every three years. The Su family will choose it this time. Taner will put all situations first and compete fairly for the selection. Everyone agrees with her.

Ning has come to purchase a property. He wants to live a healthy life with his wife and not repeat his mistakes. Ning meets the broker for the land. He starts to use his financial intelligence for bargaining. He makes the broker understand that the present loss with lead to a grand profit in the future. He agrees to sign the paper of the property.

The soldiers come to arrest Ning as a suspected bandit. He faces accusations of taking part in the assassination. Mr. Gou holds the Su family responsible for their inability to avoid the bandits. Mr. Gou gives the order to detain everyone for questioning. Ning only requests to be taken; he won’t allow anybody else to touch them.

My Heroic Husband (Zhuixu), 赘婿 Plot

Yin Ning, a modern business elite, came to Wu Dynasty by accident and became the humble son-in-law of a merchant family—Ning Yi, On the contrary, his wife, Su Tan’er, was so busy with the cloth business that she couldn’t even attend to the wedding night. However, this novel world is actually full of undercurrents. Ning Yi followed the Su family to get involved in the fierce battle between the imperial merchants, disputes between rivers and lakes, and temple games.

My Heroic Husband (Zhuixu), 赘婿 : Release Date & Time

My Heroic Husband will air on April 23, 2023. It is a Sunday anime series by Bilibili. The new episode will be out at 10 am in China. Global anime fans keep track of the time zone details to enjoy the latest episode of My Heroic Husband.

  • Pacific Standard Time (Canada): 7:00 pm ( April 23, 2023)
  • Central Standard Time (US): 9:00 pm ( April 23, 2023)
  • Eastern Standard Time (Mexico): 10:00 pm ( April 23, 2023)
  • Greenwich Mean Time (UK): 2:00 am ( April 24, 2023)
  • Indian Standard Time (India): 7:30 am ( April 24, 2023)
  • Thailand Time: 9:00 am ( April 24, 2023)
  • Japan Standard Time (Japan): 11:00 am ( April 24, 2023)
  • Australian Central Standard Time (Australia): 11:30 am ( April 24, 2023)

My Heroic Husband : Where to watch it?

Episodes of My Heroic Husband are available through the Bilibili app. The MadeByBilibili YouTube channel has episodes of My Heroic Husband available for viewing. For now, fans can watch it on Kungfutv here.

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My Heroic Husband (Zhuixu)


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