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[Zi Chuan] Purple River Subtitles

[Zi Chuan] Purple River Subtitles anime FULL HD


Now showing: episode 42

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Latest episode: 424140

Genres: Action, Adventure, Demon, Fantasy, Subtitles, War

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Watch full episodes [Zi Chuan] Purple River Subtitles, download [Zi Chuan] Purple River Subtitles,[Zi Chuan] Purple River English,Indonesia,Portuguese,Spainish,Turkish,Italian stream [Zi Chuan] Purple River on Kungfutv.net.

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[Zi Chuan] Purple River Subtitles

Status: Completed Network: Studio: Released: Dec 21, 2021 Duration: 20 Minute Country: Type: ONA Episodes: 42 Fansub: AnimeXin Posted by: animexinadm Released on: Updated on:

Sinopsis [Zi Chuan] Purple River

Two hundred years ago, on the Blue River Battlefield, the remaining Light Empire’s troops collapsed amidst the demon’s cries. When the last Field Marshal and Emperor fell, Blue River’s chaotic world no longer had the same ruler. Factions are formed and endless conflicts ensue, military power becomes the only currency to survive, and the dream of reuniting the land becomes the sole goal of many rulers in the next generation. In the southeastern part of the country, a powerful faction with a history of over two hundred years of the Purple River Mansion fought the Demons in the east, defended against Liu Feng’s Mansion in the west, and held masnsion Lin in the south. In order to achieve their grand ambitions and extend their family lineage, countless Purple River heroes gave their lives to make this incredible hymn come to life. This is the story of this legendary family and their hundred years of blood and tears.

[Zi Chuan] Purple River Subtitle indonesia, english, portuguese, turkish, spanish, italian, polish, arabic, thai, german.

Tags: 紫川

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