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Tian Huang Zhen Shen Subtitles

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Tian Huang Zhen Shen Subtitles

Status: Ongoing Network: Studio: Released: Nov 18, 2020 Duration: 8 minute Country: Type: ONA Episodes: 80 Fansub: AnimeXin Posted by: animexinadm Released on: Updated on:

Sinopsis Tian Huang Zhen Shen

The veins of the earth flourish and the sky will soon be destroyed. In the wild world, the human race is just a very weak race, facing a severe risk of survival, and it is the blood of another race. The four guardians of mankind are old and have not been able to find a suitable successor. The last four decided to integrate their flesh and blood into the wild and earth, and chose a new successor according to the world’s wishes. A few years later, Ji Xiaofa, the first genius in Jishui Village, was deceived by a mysterious woman, Yu Xue, and lost the wheel of his life, thus becoming an outcast and completely abandoning himself. On this day, the people of Mount Guard came to Jishui Village, and they picked up the children with outstanding qualifications as the next successor to The Guard Mountain. Ji Xiaofa’s wheel of life was broken and could not walk together, so he had to go to Master Fox’s house to practice. On the other hand, wild animals attack human tribes recklessly, and powerful criminals one after the other slowly attack the human tribe. What will Ji Xiaofa face on the other side?

Tags: 天荒战神

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