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The Strongest Male Hero Ever

The Strongest Male Hero Ever FULL HD | china cartoon

史上最强男主角, Shishang Zui Qiang Nan Zhujue

Now showing: episode 27

On Going: The Strongest Male Hero Ever 28

Latest episode: 2725 & 2621-22

Genres: Action, English Sub, Fantasy, Martial Art

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The Strongest Male Hero Ever

Status: Ongoing Studio: Released: June 5, 2022 Duration: 8 min per ep Country: Type: ONA Episodes: 48 Fansub: Lucifer Donghua & 3D Anime Official Posted by: admin Released on: Updated on:

Sinopsis The Strongest Male Hero Ever

The protagonist Zhao Xiaotian is endowed with supernatural abilities and has strong self-healing abilities. After being accidentally hit, he came to a new world that prioritized martial arts and became the grandson of the richest person in the Zhao family. However, this identity made him repeatedly persecuted by gangsters, so he was sent by his family to the famous martial arts sect, Xiao Yao Gate. And practice martial arts for self-defense. However, to everyone’s surprise, Zhao Xiaotian, who never had any foundation in martial arts, was actually gifted with extraordinary talent, with an extraordinary talent for martial arts. Because Zhao Xiaotian’s master was worried that he was too arrogant, he decided to suppress teaching, which made Zhao Xiaotian mistakenly think that his strength was low, so he practiced harder. In this way, Zhao Xiaotian gradually grew unnoticed, and gradually formed a deep friendship with orther disciples. However, as his strength grows, hidden crises gradually emerge, and he will face challenges to accept the trials.

Tags: 史上最强男主角, Shishang Zui Qiang Nan Zhujue

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