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Manual of Hundred Demons Subtitles

Manual of Hundred Demons Subtitles


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Genres: Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery, Subtitles, Supernatural

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Manual of Hundred Demons Subtitles

Status: Ongoing Released: Apr 25, 2020 Duration: 20 minute Country: Type: ONA Posted by: animexinadm Released on: Updated on:

Sinopsis Manual of Hundred Demons

Watch Online Donghua Chinese Anime Manual of Hundred Demons , Bai Yao Fu, Hundred Demon Spectrum, The Legend of Bai Yao, 百妖谱 HD. The ghost doctor Tao Yao is the savior of all monsters and the nightmare of all monsters. He walked on rivers and lakes with a young monk who was looking for experience. The ghost doctor Tao Yao took the little monk with his teeth and traveled the world to treat monsters along the way.

The quarreling foxes, and their old neighbor, Snake Willow, also joined the group. Terrible monsters around him, but happily showing their magical power and caring for those monsters. They also help to solve human problems. Cure an incurable disease around this monster. The relationship between Taoyao, Moya, and Liugongzi is unclear, and even stranger problems are waiting for this small team to explore and resolve together.

Other Name: Manual of Hundred Demons, Bai Yao Fu, The Legend of Bai Yao, Hundred Demon Spectrum, 百妖谱

Tags: 百妖谱

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