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Grand General
Status Ongoing
Type Manhua

Grand General Manga, anime, manhwa, novel, wiki

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Alternative Titles 대영반

Synopsis Grand General donghua anime

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A brief description of the manhwa Grand General:

“Stop there, Grand General!”

The Omniscient Master, mentor of the Emperor and teacher of the Royal Guards. He had a path to follow even if it meant abandoning his title as the strongest in history.

He walked as he was hit by the wind. His old appearance and white hair was nowhere to be seen. All that was left was a young man with flowing pitch black hair!
“I am called Lee Gwol.”

I will not be restricted. I will roam the world like the wind. The smell of tea will cleanse the bloody world.

The Unbending Ruler. Witness the path of the Grand General, Lee Gwol!

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Grand General


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Released 2021
Author Wisang
Artist Baek Ho
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