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Great Doctor Miss Nine

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Genres: Action, Adventure, English Sub, Martial Art, Romance, Time Travel

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Great Doctor Miss Nine

Status: Ongoing Network: Released: Nov 30, 2021 Duration: 11 min. per ep. Country: Type: DONGHUA Episodes: 60 Fansub: Lucifer Donghua & 3D Anime Official Posted by: admin Released on: Updated on:

Sinopsis Great Doctor Miss Nine

She, the “godly doctor” of an assassin organization in the 21st century, transmigrated into the body of Yun Family’s abandoned, good-for-nothing Ninth Miss. Good-for-nothing? Then she’ll let the world see what a real good-for-nothing looks like. Summoners are legendary? Nothing is impossible in this world! She’ll become the first Magical Summoner.

He, the third prince in the Long Xu Kingdom and the mysterious, behind-the-scenes owner of Zhou Dynasty’s monopolized business, seemingly handsome and uninhibited, is actually brutal and merciless.

The world knows her as a sickly good-for-nothing and her standing is as low as a servant’s, yet she solely dominates his heart. Trickery, schemes, overbearing, seducing… and exhaustion of methods, all to capture her heart. The scheming couple supports each other, producing stories about enmity, love, and win-win cooperation.

Tags: 神医九小姐

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