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Black Gate [Hei Men] English Subtitles

Black Gate [Hei Men] English Subtitles anime | kungfutv

Black Gate (Hei Men), Black Gate, Hei Men, Swarm, 黑门 蜂群, 黑门

Now showing: episode 12

On Going: Black Gate [Hei Men] English Subtitles 13

Latest episode: 121110

Genres: English Subtitle, Mystery, Sci-fi

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Black Gate [Hei Men] English Subtitles

Status: Completed Network: , Studio: Released: Jul 29, 2022 Duration: 20 min. per ep. Country: Type: ONA Episodes: 12 Posted by: Admin Released on: Updated on:

Sinopsis Black Gate [Hei Men]

A seemingly ordinary bus accident has caused multiple forces to be involved. Just as everyone scrambled to investigate the truth, a series of surprises broke out. The crisis hidden behind the unsolved case is far beyond everyone’s imagination… While human beings are exploring their own limits, they do not realize that they are once again standing at the crossroads of evolution, and a magnificent era has begun.

Tags: Black Gate (Hei Men), Black Gate, Hei Men, Swarm, 黑门 蜂群, 黑门

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